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Best Syndication Blogs

Best Syndication Blogs

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Best Syndication strives to offer the best service for syndicating your articles and information. Our new Blog service is free of charge and offers an incredible amount of flexibility. 

The WordPress Blog offers many features including hyperlinks and images.  WordPress is very popular offering RSS feeds and sub-feeds.  WordPress will also ping the various RSS services to let them know a new post has been published.  The Feeds are syndicated to dozens of linking sites for maximum exposure.  Begin your WordPress Blog here.

If you would like to just talk about your life you have the capability of doing this on your very own blog.  Each article is permanently saved on its own page.  You can share the article with your family and friends. 

The fact that your article is saved on a separate page offers the business marketer a great opportunity to promote their product.  Copy your article URL from the address bar and use this form to submit your article to the search engines.

The blogs / articles are automatically submitted via XML Really Simple Syndication to various blog and website index websites. Again, this is free and automatic. 

There are a couple simple rules.  We do not allow pornography or links to pornographic sites.  We do not allow links to gambling sites either.  We also don't allow profanity.  Our sponsors also do not allow you to promote illegal activity. 

So what are you waiting for.  Just register and log in.  We will not sell your email address or spam it. 

Begin your WordPress Blog here.



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