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About us:

Have you ever wanted to write?  If so, this is an outlet for publication.  We offer web-space in a professional environment, dedicated to the writer. 

We are currently seeking writers in all areas of interest including sports, the arts, entertainment, politics, business and whatever tickles your fancy. We will post your articles free of charge.  Send your articles to:


After two articles we will set you up with an "about me" page where you can describe your interests. We will link this page to all of your articles, and post any contact information you would like posted (email, website etc).

Our mission is to promote our website and our authors.  If an author is serious about writing, we will endeavor to syndicate articles for him or her to newspapers and/or magazines or internet outlets.

If you would like to mail your comments our address is:

Best Syndication
PO Box 720377
Pinon Hills CA 92372

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