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Afghanistan Debate Rages In America – New Poll Shows Americans See War As Obama’s Vietnam

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(Best Syndication News) Americans are divided on many issues including the War in Afghanistan (see graphic below). But a new poll suggests that Afghanistan don’t want to fight the war and many are calling it “Obama’s Vietnam”. Americans are skeptical that Afghanistan can pull itself together.

Only 39 percent of Americans favor sending more troops to Afghanistan, while 59 percent are opposed to it, according to a CNN poll taken between October 16th and 18th. The poll suggests that Americans are afraid of the “Vietnam Syndrome” where we become embroiled in an unwinnable and unending war. In fact, 52 percent of those polled believe that Afghanistan has turned into another “Vietnam” while 46 percent disagree.

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Broadway Infotech Provides Website Design Services in Australia

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Broadway Infotech welcomes you with a bouquet of professional Website Design & Web Application Development services and promises to partner you through to a new level of functional excellence.

We are an Australia based Web Design Company in Sydney with a global presence. From the prosperous list our patrons spread across the globe, many have profited from our advanced Ecommerce Solutions.

Along-side being a Custom Website Design & Web Development Company, Broadway Infotech specializes in offering sophisticated IT solutions at an affordable price. The rich repertoire of services on offer from us includes comprehensive Internet-based solutions too.

19 Pound Baby – Indonesian Women Gives Birth by C-Section

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[Best Syndication News] A baby boy born in Indonesia weighed in at 19.2 pound (8.7 Kilogram) which has attracted the medias attention. The baby measured 2 feet in length.

According to some reports, this is a record setter for Indonesia. According to the Guiness Book of World Records, the largest surviving baby born was a tie with two babies weighing in at 22.5 pounds.

A news report by said that the reason the baby grew so large was because the mother had diabetes during her pregnancy.

Luckily the mother had a cesarean section delivery and everything turned out fine, despite the delivery challenges of the large sized baby.

AMCAT - A new Online Test for Freshers

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Big companies are hiring people from campuses offering professional courses. It is not easy for companies to find the right candidates and also it is not easy for the freshers to get hired by good companies. Although some of the big companies like TCS take test of the students before interviewing them. But only few of the students are the lucky ones to cross through all the stages. Then what about the remaining students? How will they get a job? There is an answer to these questions.

In India there is a company named “aspiringminds” who is providing connecting link between employable freshers and companies yielding a mutual benefit to both.

Aspiringminds has developed a methodology to help the companies to find the right candidates matching their requirements through an innovative multi- dimensional skill assessment known as “AMCAT (Aspiring Minds’ Computer Adaptive Test)”.

Home Loans Australia First Home Buyers

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Home Loans Australia are not necessarily used only to purchase a house in the first place. Consider the sentence - the home loans in Australia. Not ready to buy a house in Australia, they are only home loans in Australia that all you want to return home means that you're willing to borrow money in the form of doing so. However, various factors are taken into account when we should have home loans in Australia. Things such as depreciation, interest and whether they should be fixed or variable, all have an important influence on the way home loans Australia have on you. Therefore, you must be careful about all these things before you think for a particular product.

When we talk about home loans in Australia, you should think about how much money you actually need. You could get a huge credit, of course, but why, if you will only pay back yet anyway. Keep in mind, and the amount of housing loans in Australia can really give is not the amount that you owe perhaps. Interest means that you have to pay a lot more than you originally borrowed, it is important to examine how well you do not need to borrow, not how you want your bank account.

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