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7.0 Magnitude Earthquake in Japan – Tsunami Alert Issued

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[Best Syndication News] In the early dawn hours at 5:31 AM, February 27th (12:31 PM Pacific Standard Time on February 26), Japan was shaken with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake located in the Ryuku Islands of Japan. The nearest major metropolitan city was 50 miles away with Naha, Okinawa, Japan feeling the earthquake.

Initially, the USGS measured the earthquake at a 7.3 magnitude but corrected it to a 7.0 magnitude earthquake.

Japan officials have issued a tsunami warning for the Okinawa coastal regions and are asking residents to evacuate to higher ground. They are expecting waves to be anywhere from 1 – 2 feet.

Mayon Volcano Eruption prompts Philippine Government to Force Evacuations

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[Best Syndication News] The Mayon Volcano in the Philippines is at risk of erupting which has prompted the countries government officials to force an evacuation near the area.

The government distributed around 50,000 dust masks to help local area residents that may be exposed to the ash if the volcano errupts. In addition to this they have planned for emergency supplies and assistance in the event this natural disaster does occur.

There are around 120,413 residents that need to be evacuated from a 10 kilometer radius of the volcano. So far they have evacuated 30,761 people and are continuing to work away from the center of the volcano to continue to evacuate the remaining people as the needed based on the alert rating system.

Citizens and Politicians Speak Out Against Afghanistan War – Polls Concerning Troop Buildup

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(Best Syndication News) While President Barack Obama is expected to announce his decision to send more troops to Afghanistan, citizens and politicians around the country are making their voices heard. The Prime Minister of Britain is expected to send another 500 soldiers while President Obama is expected to send 35,000.

None of the troop-level increases are written in stone yet. Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, a longtime opponent of both the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, says we need to pull Americans out of both countries. “This war is undermining our nation,” Kucinich told “On The Record with Greta Van Susteren” on Fox News Friday.

What Is IIT-JEE All About?

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IIT-JEE is the joint Entrance test conducted on behalf of all IIT institutes for admissions of the top 200 students in India. It is one of the toughest exams in India and even all over the world.

Every year almost 4lakh students aspire and prepare for this entrance exam, but only the top few can succeed in making their dreams come true. Do you know why this exam is so tough? Well, because it aims at collecting the cream of intelligence and mould it for the world of learned.

It is this IIT-JEE that emphasizes on the application of fundamental concepts in three main subjects-Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics - the basis of Engineering. These application-oriented skills have long-term implication for the student entering the big-knowledge-driven-business world.

End of Shree Pavitra Bandhan Par Ashubh Saya on ZEE TV

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Shree Pavitra Bandhan Par Ashubh Saya goes off air on ZEE TV now. ZEE TV announced to end of the Show with new serial, Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli. Shree on ZEE TV ends on 13th November, 2009.

Shree Pavitra Bandhan Par Ashubh Saya TV serial was based on the supernatural power and superstition. The TV serial had introduced the best superstitious story to spread a superstition in our society.

Story of Shree Pavitra Bandhan Par Ashubh Saya begins with the life of Hari who belongs to Raghuvanshi family. The drama is based on a Gujarati family but located in Mumbai.

Hari is loved by Kangana but he rejects her. To enter in the Raghuvanshi house, Kangna marry to Hari’s brother. Now, she wanted to live with Hari. His brother tries to stop her. This time she tries to kill him but unfortunately she was killed by a situation.

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