Mortgage Rates Today

Current Mortgage Rates Today – JPMorgan Chase and U.S. Bank lower loan rates again

Fixed Mortgage Rates

(Best Syndication News) Mortgage interest rates dropped again despite a rise in the secondary lending markets (see the mortgage rate charts below). PNC, JPMorgan Chase, and U.S. Bank lowered their loan rates while SunTrust raised them.


Although U.S. President Barack Obama expressed optimism Friday that a fiscal-cliff deal could be reached by the New Year, hopes were crushed Sunday as Congressional leaders continued to squabble over details. This time the hold-up is in the Senate.

Current Mortgage Rates Today – SunTrust lowers rates as KeyBank raises them

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

(Best Syndication News) Mortgage interest rates dropped as lenders reacted to the migrating capital markets (see the mortgage rate charts below). Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, and SunTrust lowered their rates while PNC and KeyBank raised them.


Equity markets opened higher but didn’t stay in positive territory very long; the three major indexes quickly descended quickly as investors began to price-in the effects of the fiscal cliff. Many analysts now believe the forced austerity is inevitable.

Current Mortgage Rates Today – PNC raises rates while Bank of America lowers them

VA Mortgage Rates

(Best Syndication News) Mortgage interest rates were higher today despite a downward shift in the secondary market (see the mortgage rate charts below). JPMorgan Chase, PNC, SunTrust, and KeyBank raised their loan rates while Bank of America moved in the opposite direction.


Holiday sales didn’t pan-out this year providing pessimism to an already uncertain market. The MasterCard Advisors said that spending only increased 0.7 percent from October 28th through December 24th. In their SpendingPulse report, the research arm of MasterCard said that Holiday spending was two percent above last year; the National Retail Federation expected a 4.1 percent increase.

Current Mortgage Rates Today – Citibank and KeyBank among lenders raising loans

15-Year FRM

(Best Syndication News) Mortgage interest rates continued to move higher despite a stumble in the equity markets (see the mortgage rate charts below). JPMorgan Chase, SunTrust, Citigroup, and KeyBank were among the banks raising their loan products.


Markets in the United States were only open for half the day but that didn’t stop a quick sell-off. Most of the economic news last week was positive, but the fiscal cliff uncertainty continued to put downward pressure on the equity markets.

Current Mortgage Rates Today – Loans slide at SunTrust and JPMorgan Chase

Conventional Rate Graph

(Best Syndication News) Mortgage interest rates slipped today as lenders reacted to descending benchmarks (see the mortgage rate charts below). Bank of America, KeyBank, SunTrust, and JPMorgan Chase lowered their conventional loan rates.


Lack of progress on the fiscal cliff issue produced a sell-off on Wall Street Friday. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner was unable to rally support for his Plan-B which would have raised taxes on those making over $1 million. His fellow Republicans balked at the idea of raising taxes before they went home for the Christmas break.

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