Eunice Kennedy Shriver re-establishes ability to Speak after suffering Multiple Strokes

Eunice Kennedy Shriver re-establishes ability to Speak after suffering Multiple Strokes

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[Best Syndication] Eunice Kennedy Shriver is the mother-in-law to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and has recovered her speech abilities after suffering multiple strokes. Governor Schwarzenegger announced this good news during a speech this past Sunday in Beverly Hills.

Schwarzenegger explained in a recording by the Governor’s Office that Eunice was told that her condition was initially so damaging that family was told that she would never speak again.

"Of course, she prays every day and goes to church every day, and her prayers were answered and she's speaking again fluently, and is screaming at me again," Schwarzenegger said. "So it's all back to normal."

Apple Safari browser now on the PC - Is it really that big of a deal?

Apple Safari browser now on the PC - Is it really that big of a deal?

Screenshot of PC version of Apple's Safari browser

[Best Syndication] I understand Apple diehards love anything to do with the product, including the browser, but I felt like after all the hoopla I had to download the PC beta version of Safari to take it for a spin. This is what I discovered about the Safari browser.

Not much of anything extraordinary, and I think their claims for speed on the browser should have an asterisk by it saying that some sites are fast to load. While they give you shortcut links to those fast sights on your browser, once you start to venture into sights that you haven’t been to before, they don’t seem any faster than the other browsers. Or maybe it is my imagination that I am missing something great here. Does the performance gain have to do with your internet connection speed? They did mention faster video watching, but hey, I guess I am not that into television on the internet. I turn on my old fashioned televsion and get my TV watching done there instead.

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Doctor Oz Discusses Remedies for stinky feet.

Stinky Feet – Dr. Oz tells why a foot can smell bad on Oprah TV Show

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