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(Best Syndication News) - The 2013 Golden Globe Awards Ceremony red carpet had cold weather, but actresses braved the temperatures to show off their gowns – many of them strapless. Some of the actresses’ gowns hit the mark while others may have missed a beat. The sleek and tailored-to-fit gowns seemed to be the trend this year. The color trends were mostly nude or black gowns; however, there were plenty of colors this year. Some opted for pastels, while others wore vibrant hues such as bright red or teal.

The Best Dressed at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards

Kaley Cuoco wore a gorgeous nude colored gown with just the right amount of sparkle added to the airy tulle fabric. The hair and makeup were clean and crisp and helped to deliver an overall wonderful appearance.

Salma Hayek wore a strapless black gown that emphasized her curves. The sparkly gown had a bow fashioned on the hip which further emphasized her curves.

Julianne More wore a sleek black gown with white accents. Her hair was pulled back in a simple clean way. The overall look was clean and simple and the look fit her well.

Taylor Swift looked lovely in her deep brownish burgundy satin gown. The only problem is that satin fabric tends to wrinkle. Despite this problem, Swift still looked lovely.

Nicole Richie wore a long-sleeve gown that was periwinkle blue. The lacey design added interest and the way the slight train landed made her appear tall and slender.

Zooey Deschanel wore an orange tinted red gown. The fitted bodice work looked almost like a patchwork in texture only, which added to the playfulness of the gown.

Naomi Watts wore a full sleeve dark red gown that had a short train attached to the back. Her hair was styled and glamorous, and the overall look was reminiscent of old Hollywood.

Jessica Alba wore a melon pink colored gown. The tailored bodice showed off her curves, while the flared bottom added interest. The necklace and handbag were glamorous additions.

Worst Dressed at the 2013 Golden Globes

Halle Berry wore a gown that almost appeared to be too casual for the event. The printed design was interesting, but the shape of the gown showed her belly on each side. Even though her gown was not ugly, it just was not as formal as it could have been. Regardless, she looked comfortable.

Emily Blunt wore a gown that was golden in color. The texture distracted from her beauty and did not compliment her skin color.

Jessica Chastain wore a baby blue gown that was too loose around the bust. The pleat in the front below the waistline further added emphasis to the problematic top half. The color of the gown did compliment her auburn hair.

Michelle Dockery wore a gown that looked like it was made from two separate gowns. The top half was a golden lace, while the bottom half was cream color. The dress may have worked better if the cream was brought up into golden lace area to tie it all together.

Sienna Miller wore a top and long dress that were adorned with pink and white flowers on a white background. Some of the flowers were three-dimensional. The problem was that too many of the flowers were three-dimensional.

Kelly Osborne showed up in all sorts of hues. Her hair appeared to have been tinted a mauve color while her gown was a pastel lime and her handbag was baby blue.

Julianne Hough’s gown was ok, but her hair was a miss. Unfortunately, Hough’s up hairdo and neckline on her gown emphasized her neck in an unflattering light. It would have been much lovelier with her hair down.

Debra Messing wore a strapless black dress that had gathered tiers with see-through sections. The gown made her look heavier than she probably is because it had too many horizontal lines.

Lucy Liu wore a gown that had floral printing that you might find in upholstery fabric. In some ways, her dress was interesting. She might have been able to use the dress as camouflage in a rose garden. Maybe if the roses were a more pale color palate, the gown would have been perfect.

By: Nancy Connors
Entertainment Reporter



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