Golden Globes Fashion 2012 - Best and Worst Dressed

Golden Globes Fashion 2012 - Best and Worst Dressed

(Best Syndication News) - This year there was plenty of nude or almost skin blush colored gowns that graced the celebrities at the Golden Globe Awards last night. However, some wore dark maroon, dark green, and even bright yellow. The buzz was all about the neutral colors; for some it worked while others it did not work for them. Of course, there were a quite a few variations among the women. Overall, there were some definite gowns that went well with the stars, and others that did not hit the mark last night.

The Best Dressed

Angelina Jolie wore a gown that was loved by many. She wore a satin white gown with a red satin accent at the bust line. At the hip line, there were pleated gathers that fit her body frame well. Some called the look harsh, but it worked well for Jolie. She wore her hair upswept, wore matching red lipstick, and carried a matching red clutch.

Emma Stone worked an airy burgundy and dark plum colored gown that was belted at her waistline with a jeweled eagle on it. Her eye makeup was dramatic, her hair was tinted slightly red and the whole look was pretty.

Jessica Alba worked a pale mauve colored gown with a train. The gown had beautiful embroidery and beadwork that looked beautiful. She had her hair it an updo and she wore stunning diamond earrings and bracelet. The clutch matched the color of the gown.

Reese Witherspoon wore a simple red strapless gown that was showed her every curve. Reese looks so different with her new hairstyle, but she looked like she was having fun.

Madonna wore an interesting gown. Some might not like it, but the gown looked good on her. The gown was a dark emerald almost black color on the bottom. The satin on the bottom of the dress were configured in a square ruffled patchwork quilt that reduced in size as it reached the waistline. Then the dress changed to glitter silver and with black undertones in the bodice. Quilters are probably wanting to know how they sewed this dress.

Evan Rachel Wood wore a deep forest green gown that had sequins and feathers. The dress was different, but it was pretty.

Worst Dressed

Charlize Theron wore a blush colored dress that was not balanced. The gown’s neckline plunged all the way down to her waistline. She had a puffy attachment on one side that had covered partly a slit in her dress. She wore a jewel on the dress but lacked anything that brought attention to her face. The dress was lopsided and would have been better if the focus would have been redirected to her pretty face.

Sarah Michelle Gellar wore a tie dyed blue and white gown. It lacked sophistication. Possibly if there was no white and the tie-dye was more subtle, it would have been a different story. It might be something that a girl would wear to the prom to stand out from the other girls.

Zooey Deschanel was dressed in a green and black gown. Some critics suggested she was wearing a wig. But, if it was a wig, it matched her gown, and it did give her an edgy look. This dress would have been perfect at a Halloween party. At least she did something different.

Dianna Agron who is from Glee wore a frightening red lace gown. The bodice lace made you stare at it thinking that it was an inkblot test. The lace was tiered on the bottom, but by the time, it reached the ground it looked like it had been torn up because it lacked the structured pattern that was above.

Jessica Biel wore an off-white lacey gown that was reminiscent of a wedding gown. She was all covered with full coverage of the arms and the whole bodice. This might be something that an older person might want to wear or someone at a wedding. It just did not fit the event or did justice to her.

Lee Michele wore a silver glitter gown. It was not the absolute worst, but the dress looked like something that an ice skater would wear for their competition. The gown had a see through bodice that had the bottom completely solid. It just was a bit over the top.

Nicole Kidman usually wears everything so well, but the gown last night was ugly. The white gown had a geometrical pattern that was created with gold jewels. It needed less of the gold geometric shapes and maybe it would have been a better gown.

Meryl Streep probably was not looking to impress anyone last night with her gown. She wore a black button-down shirtdress that was floor length and had funky sides and a train that dragged behind. There was a western inspired appliqué on the top part.

By: Nancy Connors
Entertainment Reporter



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