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(Best Syndication News) - Today’s ‘The Dr. Oz Show’ was all about the best and worst things you can do. During the first segment on the television show, Doctor Mehmet Oz shared what he thought was the best and worst ways a person could go about losing weight.

Doctor Oz said that the best day of the week to start a diet is on Saturday, while the worst day is on a Monday. The most beneficial aisle at the grocery store that will help you lose weight is the produce section, while the worst is the checkout stand because of candy temptations. Doctor Oz explained that eating in the dining room offers the best weight loss strategy, while eating in the kitchen can sabotage your dieting because you will be tempted to go back for seconds. Doctor Oz shared a list of the best and worst things you can do to lose weight.

Best Ways to Lose Weight and Worst Ways to Diet

Diet Pills

Worst – Ephedrine or phed is the worst diet pill, according to Dr. Oz. He explained that phed is very dangerous because the heart can get damaged. The diet pill causes the heart to pump faster and can increase blood pressure. This extra strain on the heart could rip holes in the arteries, which could cause sudden strokes, the doctor said.

Best – Glucomannan is a supplement that is also a natural thickening agent. Doctor Oz said this is the best diet pill because it has a lot of fiber and swells up in the stomach. He said that when you take the pill, you should make sure to drink it with a lot of water. Glucomannan comes from a root and cost around $10 for the diet pill supplement.



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Worst – Eating anything that is a bar is bad for weight loss explained Dr. Oz. The reason, he said, is that people may think that what they are eating is good for them. He said that a granola bar can contain sugar alcohols that will cause bloating. There can also be added sugar as well.

Best – Doctor Oz recommends eating Inca peanuts, which are grown in the Andes Mountain in Peru. The reason he recommends this particular nut is that they have both ample amounts of Omega 3 and Vitamin E, which are both good for the heart. Only one ounce has 5 grams of fiber. Dr. Oz said that there is 3 times more omega 3 than what is found in walnuts. He said that Sacha Inca Nuts are usually sold at health food stores.

Metabolism Boosters

Worst – Energy drinks are not good because they cause a temporary boost that does not last. The beverages usually have either caffeine or sugar.

Best – Doctor Oz said that cayenne pepper has been proven to burn fat.

Packaged Foods for Dieting

Worst – Frozen diet meals are the worst Doctor oz said because they replace fat with sugar and salt to make the food taste better. They take away good things and add sugar or salt to make it palatable.

Best – Doctor Oz said that a good diet food would be to eat packaged Whole Wheat pasta. He said whole grain foods could help make you feel full longer. He showed the difference between complex carbs and simple carbs. When whole food items are digested, they take longer to pass through the system.

He said you can eat pre-made frozen meals, but they should meet certain dietary guidelines. The food should have less than 4 grams of sugars, sodium content should be less than 500 mg. He said the meal should not have any gravy. Also there should be no cheese with the frozen meal because there is added fat and salt. He suggests buying only one compartment frozen meals, because usually the other compartments have either desert or vegetables. Lastly, he said that the serving size should not be bigger than the palms of your hands.


Worst – Sit-ups are the worst exercise to do because he said most people do not do them correctly. The stomach muscles are important to keep toned, but he suggested that a person should do a plank exercise so no injury will happen to the neck.

Best – Doctor Oz pick for the best exercise is to do lunge exercises because it works more muscles and burns more calories than sit-ups do. He demonstrated a front lunge and explained that the knees should not overextend past the toes. Doctor Oz added that these lunges do not cost any money to do. There is no exercise equipment needed to do lunges.

By: Marsha Quinn

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