Weight Loss Products and ways protect your Memory as you Age discussed on the ‘The Dr. Oz Show’

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(Best Syndication News) - On Friday’s ‘The Dr. Oz Show,’ there were segments concerning new weight loss products and ways you can protect your memory as you age.

Weight Loss Products

Losing weight is not easy, but Doctor Mehmet Oz shared a variety of weight loss products that could help people diet and lose weight. Dr. Oz had audience members bring their weight loss product that they use. With each member he would ask if they wanted to trade it in for his recommended product. Of course each said "yes". These innovative weight loss products got Dr. Oz’s seal of approval.

The Gruv Activity Monitor

The Gruv measures calories that you burn and if you sit around too long it will vibrate and will turn color as you progress towards your daily goal each day. Doctor Oz said that it costs around $100, however the current price is between $180 - $199 online. The Gruv is an activity management tool that was developed with the Mayo Clinic. The Gruv tells you how much you sit every day.

Getting up and getting moving helps. The electronic device puts a graph on the computer screen and tracks your day-to-day activity and calorie expenditures. Lights changes colors as you move more throughout the day. The activity monitor will buzz when you have been sitting too long. The Gruv changes color between Red, orange, yellow, blue, and green. Once you get to green you achieved your goal for the day. You can know how many calories that you have burned each day. To learn more about The Gruv visit the manufacturer's website at http://www.muveinc.com.

Quantum Bathroom Scale

Quantum scale is a bathroom scale that doesn't give you a number for your actual weight, instead it just lets you know if you have gained weight or lost weight. So if you weigh one pound more it would say +1, or if lost one pound it would say -1. It calibrates to each person using the scale. The scale retails for around $70 (shipping included). To learn more visit the manufacturer's website at quantumscale.com.


MIO Motion Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Multi-Function Activity Monitor

Smart Touch is heart smart; touch any part of the stainless steel sensor
with any part of your hand for your on-demand heart rate. The MIO Motion
Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Multi-Function Activity Monitor is an
all-in-one activity monitor that accurately counts steps, measures
speed, and distance traveled plus calories burned while running and
walking. The MIO Motion is customizable with your personal data
including age, weight, height and gender to ensure accuracy.

MIO Motion Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Multi-Function Activity Monitor

Available online at Wal-Mart

Meal Measure - Portion Control

The next weight loss product Doctor Oz demonstrated is called the Meal Measure. This has four places to measure your food portions. Three of the places are one-cup measures, but has a hole in the bottom so all you do is lift up the Meal Measure and your food is ready to go on your plate. This is great for keeping portions sizes and to match the government's My Food Plate guidelines. The manufacturer's website is Mealmeasure.com and retails for around $20 (shipping included).

Jump Snap - Exercise Equipment

The Jump Snap is an electronic jump rope that has no cord. The Jump Snap retails around $40. The benefit is that you don’t have to be good at jumping rope. You can start out just moving your arms and then adding jumping when you are ready. The Jump Snap keeps track of how many calories you have burned. The manufacturer’s website is at jumpsnap.com.

Protect your Memory as You Age

Doctor Oz had a fun themed game that had two audience members guess if the information he gave about memory was true or false. Dr. Oz gave a list of nutrition that could possibly reduce a person’s chance for developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Eating foods rich in calcium does not help especially when there is not enough vitamin D. Calcium can contribute to calcification, especially without enough vitamin D explained Dr. Oz. He said that eating foods high in vitamin E reduced the risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease by 67 percent. He said foods like avocado nuts, seed, and oils usually have high amounts of vitamin E.

Iron is an essential nutrient to keep the memory strong said Dr. Oz. He explained that iron is critically important for neurotransmitters. When anemic, a person can lose their memory. Dr. Oz said foods high in iron are sardines, liver, spinach. Not mentioned on the show was there is such a thing as too much iron, so talk with your doctor before taking any supplements.

What is good for the heart is good for the brain said Doctor Oz. He said that omega 3 fatty acid is good for the heart as well as the brain. People who ate omega 3 reduced their cholesterol levels and those who ate fish at least once a week had reduced their risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease by 60 percent.

By: Nancy Connors

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