Wrinkle Prevention in an Oxygen Chamber

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(Best Syndication News) - Everyone knows that UVB rays from the sun makes your skin wrinkle, but a Japanese study found that mice placed in an oxygen chamber developed less wrinkles than those that didn't get oxygen treatments when being exposed to UVB radiation. The researchers suggest that the oxygen might help in preventing wrinkles that occur from the sun's UVB rays.

Sun can cause skin to become damaged and wrinkled. In the process of the damage, skin can become leathery as the outer layer of the skin becomes thickened. UVB radiation causes the skin to have new blood vessels to spider off from vessels that already exist. This process of new blood vessel formation is called cutaneous angiogenesis and there are proteins that attach to certain DNA sequences. They include hypoxia inducible factor (HIF-1) and its subunit HIF-1 α and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF).

The study had 24 bald mice assigned to three different groups. There was the control group, the UVB group, and the UVB+HO group. The control group did not have any UVB radiation exposures, while the UVB and the UVB+HO received UVB radiation exposure three times per week for five weeks. The UVB+HO group in addition to the UVB exposure also received two hours of time in an oxygen chamber after receiving the UVB rays.

At the end of the five week time period, both the UVB and the UVB+HO group developed wrinkles, however the UVB group had deeper and more defined wrinkles compared to the UVB+HO group. Both the UVB and the UVB+HO groups had thickening of the outer skin layer, but was worst with the UVB group. The researchers also found that the HIF-1α was significantly increased in the UVB group compared to the control group. There wasn't a significant increase of HIF-1α in the UVB+HO group. The VEGF levels were increased the UVB and the UVB+HO groups, with the oxygen treated mice having a lesser increase.

The researchers concluded that hyperoxia, or the increased oxygen levels in the body tissue helped to reduce the amount of skin damage and wrinkling created from exposure to UVB rays.

By: N Wilson



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