New Video Games for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS announced at E3 Trade Show

New Video Games for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS announced at E3 Trade Show

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(Best Syndication News) - Nintendo Wii is gaining momentum, according to the company's presentation this morning at the E3 Gaming Expo and Trade Show. Nintendo Wii has sold the most games since launching than any other game system and they say that Mario Kart has sold over 22 million copies worldwide. Much of their presentation this morning focused on the new video games for the Nintendo Wii that are going to be coming out. Check out the videos showcasing some the upcoming video games.

The Nintendo Wii game presentations were showing off up coming video games that are going to be released. Most of the games will be coming out this Fall or holiday season. They also showcased some Nintendo DS games as well.

The Legend of Zelda video game will be out some time next year for the Nintendo Wii game console. They demonstrated how the Wii Motion Plus really enhanced the way the interaction with the game was improved and easy to manipulate by showing how the whip can easily be thrown back over the shoulder and how it can cut grass with precision.

Mario Sports Mix video game for the Nintendo Wii will have Mario participating in the wide world of sports. He plays hockey, volleyball, basketball, and more. Instead of just regular people, Mario's world is merged with the sports so you might be playing basketball against a dragon or other cartoon like characters.

Wii Party is coming this holiday. There are over 70 different mini games. There light and fun and short to play. It will promote social interaction with lots of mini games that are easy to play and will get everyone involved.

Just Dance 2 is coming out this Fall and will be able to handle up to 8 players. There are also 40 hit songs put your dance moves with. This is a follow up to the popular game Just Dance which is currently available on the Nintendo Wii.

Action games are coming out for the Nintendo Wii with Golden Sun Dark Dawn arrives for the holiday season. There is also a really cool James Bond Golden Eye video game gets you into the spy world coming this holiday.

Disney Epic Mickey video game is an exclusive to the Nintendo Wii game console. This game was designed with kids in mind, but any Mickey Mouse fan would probably enjoy playing this video game. Depending on how Mickey paints the world and interacts with the other depends on how the world looks and how the characters in the game interact with Mickey. They demonstrated a retro Mickey Mouse game that was part of the Disney Epic Mickey that had showcased the old black and white days of the original Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Kirby's Epic Yarn video game is unique is scheduled to be released this Fall. If you want something different looking and interacting this is it. The whole game is designed around fabric and yarn. They demonstrated the character unzipping a zipper and the monsters fall into pieces of yarn and string when hit. It really is just a neat looking game, but I wonder if the guys will go for this or if it will be more appealing to the girls.

Dragonquest IX exclusive to the Nintendo DS will be available on July 11, 2010. It is a super popular video game in Japan. One of the cool new features of Dragonquest IX is the interaction between players, which can link you up to as many as three players.

They also announced that the next installment in the game series Metroid: Other M video game is going to be released for Nintendo Wii on August 31st , 2010. This is a video game were you are out in space fighting alien creatures. This is a single player shooter game that is a continuation of the popular game series Metroid.

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