Microsoft's new Controller Free Kinect for Xbox 360 announced at E3 Gaming Trade Show

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Project Natal Sensor - Microsoft

(Best Syndication News) - Something really new in the concept of video games is a not having a game controller to play a video game, just use your body instead. Microsoft announced their Kinect for Xbox 360 at an special event that the company held in Los Angeles this past Sunday to show off their new Kinect gaming. This unveiling is just in time for the E3 Expo which is a gaming industry trade show that is going on this week. The Kinect device is expected to become available this November, just in time for the holidays.

The Kinect gaming experience is not using a controller but your body and voice to control the video game. The Kinect has sensing technology that watches and listens for ques from the game player. It watches your movements and listens for your voice and also has facial recognition to know who is who when there are multi-player games. Microsoft says that the Kinect is able to track 48 different locations on the body with its motion-sensing technology.

Microsoft had code-named this non-controller, “Project Natal” during its development phase. The Kinect is a sensor unit that plugs directly into the Xbox 360 game console and would sit on top of your TV set.

They demonstrated the Kinect at their unveiling party with several different games. They had Kinect: Star Wars, Dance Central, Kinect: Disney, Joy Ride, Kinect Adventures, and Kinect Sports.

Microsoft has added quite a bit to the way video games will be played in the future. However, Nintendo Wii had released an exercise game that has no controllers needed last November, called Your Shape with Jenny McCarthy guiding you through a workout. The Your Shape Wii exercise game comes with a camera that tracks your movements. While Microsoft Kinect may be one step ahead with some extra bells and whistles, Wii will very likely be capable of doing the same hands free games as well. The question will be if there will be a new Wii game console with more power, or if the standard one will work.

By: N Wilson



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