Nintendo Wii Game Console gets American Heart Association Endorsement

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[Best Syndication News] The Nintendo Wii game console gets people up and out of the chair and moving. This has got the American Heart Association to team up with Nintendo encouraging people to get involved in active game play.

The American Heart Association will allow Nintendo Wii to put their American Heart Association brand logo on the Wii Fit Plus, Wii Sports Resort and the Wii console.

Nintendo has launched with the help of the American Heart Assoication to educate people on getting active with the Nintendo game play. On this website they remind people that active play video games is only part of an active lifestyle. They also are going to have walks in the Fall were people can walk and also try out the active play video games. There are tools to learn more about being active and the role it plays on your heart.

According to the President of the American Heart Association, 70 percent of Americans are not getting regular physical activity. The American Heart Association sees this as an opportunity to work with Nintendo Wii to encourage active-play video games as just one way to get Americans up and moving. The American Heart Association have surveyed people about their physical activity, and almost 40 percent of people say they almost never exercise because “exercise is not fun.” The Nintendo Wii game console games are fun, so it seems like a great way to help people find some physical activity in the busy lives.

The Nintendo Wii game console began selling in 2006 and has changed the way people play video games. The game controllers are have motion sensors. Plus there are fitness accessories such as the balance board that encourages the game players to get up and move. Not all Nintendo Wii video games have you get up and move, and these games won't be endorsed by the American Heart Association.

By: N Wilson

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