Ozone Hole Closing but Scientists think it could make Global Warming Worse for Antarctic Region

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[Best Syndication News] The good news, the ozone hole is getting smaller and is on a pace of closing. The bad news is that it could lead to warmer temperatures for those living in the southern hemisphere. Scientists from the University of Leeds researched how the ozone hole closing up could impact global temperatures in a recent study which will appear in the Geophysical Research Letters on Wednesday 27th January.

The Antarctic ozone hole also called ozone depletion, is an area in the Antarctic stratosphere were there is a hole that occurs in the spring, from September to early December. The Ozone hole is slowly closing. The hole promotes cloud formations which reflect much of the sun's rays. This hole actually has helped prevent global warming in this area because of the cloud formations. Since the hole is closing up clouds won't be readily preventing the sun's rays from shining and will create warmer conditions for this area.

"These clouds have acted like a mirror to the sun's rays, reflecting the sun's heat away from the surface to the extent that warming from rising carbon emissions has effectively been canceled out in this region during the summertime," said Professor Ken Carslaw of the University of Leeds who co-authored the research.

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