Cosmetic Surgery: Helps You Fight The Bald Spot

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If you’re losing your hair day by day, there’s no time like the present to do something about it. Hair replacement cosmetic surgery can help you get your hair back, and stop that ever-growing bald spot from taking over!

Like all types of cosmetic surgery, this replacement has its ups and downs. It’s also not for everybody. How do you know if you’re a candidate? Look at what you’ve got first.

Hair replacement cosmetic surgery works by taking your existing tresses and planting it where it’s needed. This means taking the tress from the sides and back of your head, and putting it up front or on top. This part is “bald resistant,” meaning it’s immune to the hormones that cause baldness. This is why almost all bald men still have the ring around the sides and back.

Your doctor will need to have a look at your scalp. The sooner you get the ball rolling, the better your chances of saving your hair. Let’s look at how the transplant procedure works.

First, the doctor rips a strip of your scalp off… Actually, it’s done very gently, using mild anesthetic. You’ll be lying in a comfortable position and you won’t feel anything. They’ll take a strip from the “donor area,” the side or back of your head. It takes less than an hour.

They’ll sew you up, and then it’s breaktime-for you, anyway. They’ll be doing the toughest work of the job, separating follicles to make a graft. You can enjoy some donuts and coffee, and then it’s back to your procedure.

Now, the doctor will designate “recipient areas” in the front of your scalp. What he’s doing is to shape your new hairline in a way that’s economical and natural. Afterwards, they’ll put in the actual follicles. The entire procedure takes about an afternoon, and you’re right back out of the clinic that evening.

You’ll have some numbness around the scalp, as well as some swelling. Your doctor will recommend some massage techniques that will make this feel better. Aside from that, there shouldn’t be any pain or bleeding. Your scars should be starting to heal, but take it easy and avoid alcohol.

For the first two days or so, you’ll be asked not to wash use shampoo. After two days, you should start shampooing everyday to make sure that the incision areas stay clean. If they don’t seem to be healing, or if the numbness or swelling persists, call the doctor to see if there might be a problem.

Cosmetic surgery success depends on several factors. One is the skill and experience of the doctor. The other is the realistic expectations of the patient. Make sure you know what to expect from your cosmetic surgery, and stop the bald spot before it gets out of hand.

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By: A Aaronson

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