Breast Augmentation: Get Information On When Implants Should Be Replaced

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If you are seriously considering getting breast augmentation, you might have questions about life after the operation. Many people wonder if implants require a lot of upkeep, including eventually needing to be replaced. The answer often depends on the kind you get, who performs the surgery, and your lifestyle. Learning a little about long-term care is advised, whether you already have them or foresee them in your future.

Not every patient eventually needs her implants replaced after breast augmentation. However, the solution inside them could break down over time, making it a wise decision to get them redone. In most cases, the saline kinds need to be replaced less often than silicone. The only reason to have them redone is if the saline is thought to be leaking out, which can usually be detected if the breasts seem to be getting smaller over time.

If your silicone implant is leaking, you might not be aware of it because the size of the breasts will not change. The silicone will stay in place no matter what, which is why it is recommended that you have regular checkups and MRIs of your breasts every few years to make sure nothing is leaking. Whether they are found to be leaking or not, many doctors advise that silicone breast implants be replaced about every ten years.

Since most recent breast augmentation procedures involve implants of the saline variety, they typically last longer than ten years, with twenty or more years without replacement becoming an average. In fact, due to advancing technology, the newer your implant is, the longer it will likely last. This has to do with stronger shells being used in the surgery, which is what the saline or silicone is inserted into.

Other than a slow leak, another thing to be concerned about is the implant rupturing. This could be caused by excessive pressure on the shell around the liquid material. However, contrary to popular belief, this would not necessarily be an emergency. In most cases, the shell can protect the body from any saline or silicone flowing into the rest of the body. The implants would just need to be replaced fairly soon after any rupture.

If you are thinking about getting breast augmentation, it is smart to wonder about the future. However, excessive worrying about whether you would need to get replacements often is not necessary. As long as you do some research before getting the surgery, and choose an experience doctor, you should have few if any problems.

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