Iced Coffee drinks can have as Many Calories as a Whole Meal

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The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) located in the UK, analyzed calories in iced coffee drinks and found that many of them had as many calories as a whole meal.

Starbucks's Dark Berry Mocha Frappuchino had a shocking 561 calories for the “venti” or largest order. The WCRF said that it is over 25 percent of a women's daily calorie intake. If you opt for no whipped cream on top it would still be 457 calories. If you order the smallest version of this drink it would be 288 calories.

The reason that WCRF was pointing out the high calorie content is because being overweight increases your risk of cancer. The organization suggests that you should be as lean as possible without being underweight as a means of preventing cancer.

Dr Rachel Thompson, Science Programme Manager for WCRF suggests that if you want to have an iced coffee to opt for the unsweetened version that is made with skimmed or low-fat milk and to avoid those that have lots of cream and sugared fruit syrups as they are the ones that have higher calories.

A news report by KETV, warns that teens are flocking for the iced coffee drinks. See the report below.

By: Marlene Donor


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