Dr. Oz Answers Questions on ‘Oprah’ TV Show - Giant Tumor - Cell Phones - Dry Drowning - Last Lecture

Dr. Oz Answers Questions on ‘Oprah’ TV Show - Giant Tumor - Cell Phones - Dry Drowning - Last Lecture

Dr. Mehmet Oz

[Best Syndication News] Dr. Oz visited on ‘Oprah’ today and answered several questions that ranged in a giant tumor, dry drowning, exercise in a pill, and cell phone use. Dr. Oz said that today’s show had some “unforgettable organs.”

140 Pound Tumor Removed From Woman

Dr. Oz started with a woman from Oregon that had a 140 pound tumor. Linda kept going to the doctors, and they would continue to tell her to lose weight. She was in the audience at the show. She told Oprah that she was in denial. She would try to lose weight and she couldn’t. She thought that she had the flu, but instead she got taken into surgery instead because something was wrong. Her appendix had ruptured and that is when they noticed the tumor. She had two surgeries to take out the tumor.

Linda said that she had her main medical doctor and she trusted them. Dr. Oz said that people are embarrassed to get a second opinion. He said it is one of the most patriotic things you can do. Oprah said that some doctors can be harsh with you if you want a second opinion.

How does a tumor get this big? She weighed over 300 pounds and it was too difficult to tell that there was anything in there. The scanner that would help diagnoses her but she couldn’t fit in the medical equipment.

Dr. Oz showed who cancer cells work to bring a blood supply to the tumor. Dr. Oz said that he thinks she had the tumor for around 20 years.

The appendix can get stuck with material and it can pop which then causes a person to get sick. When they went into surgery for the appendix with the lady, the tumor popped out of her belly. Dr. Oz showed a life sized model of an example of the tumor that was inside of her. They took out two separate sized tumor pieces. Ok, they were huge!

Dr. Oz said that the tumors inside of her were cancerous. They had to take out her kidneys and they put one kidney back in place. The one surgery took 13 hours to complete. The cancer isn’t treatable with chemotherapy and there is a chance that the tumors can keep coming back which would require more surgeries.

Dr. Oz joked that there will be a lot of women out there thinking that they have a tumor growing inside of them because it is so difficult to lose weight.

Dry Drowning in Children

Dry drowning in a child happened over the summer that died. An audience asked how concerned should a parent be about a child suffering a fatal dry drowning.

Dr. Oz said a little bit of water that can go into their lungs and it can be devastating. A little bit of water in the lungs does something to you. Little kids suck water in the lungs more than an adult would.

Dr. Oz showed the audience a pig lung and had Oprah inspect it as they showed air inflating the organ. The water gets rid of the soapy material in the lungs and the breathing becomes shorter and shallower. The symptoms are not that obvious.

Casandra was the mom of the 10 year old boy died from dry drowning. They interviewed her and said that her boy was kind and gentle. She missed him terribly. Dr. Oz and the mom went out to the swimming pool that the boy last swam at before dying. She said that he was coughing a little bit and there wasn’t anything unusual until much later until he had a bowel movement on himself. She gave him a bath to clean him up and that he was tired and wanted to go to sleep. She checked in on him and he had foam around his mouth and the paramedics were unable to revive him.

Dr. Oz said it was the first time the boy ever went swimming. It was a half an hour later and he had a change of behavior when he went to bathroom on himself. A little kid doesn’t know to speak up if they aren’t feeling right and it seemed the he wasn’t thinking right. He said that he feel asleep on the floor next to the bed because he was too tired.

Dr. Oz said that this isn’t very common, but if it does happen doctors can give oxygen and put in a breathing tube to help overcome the drowning.

Exercise in a Pill

Sandra from Perth, Australia asked Dr. Oz her about her struggle with her weight. She doesn’t like to exercise much. She wanted to know about the exercise pill, is it healthy, does it exist, and does it work?

Oprah said that if there was an exercise pill she would have had it and it would have become one of her favorite things.

Dr. Oz said that the study looked at mitochondria. So people that exercise have lots of mitochondria that burn calories. Those that do not exercise don’t have as much mitochondria. The researcher developed a pill that they gave to rats and those that received the pills had better capability at exercising and were better at burning calories. He thinks that there will be eventually pills that will work in humans. He did say that it would be much better if a person can exercise to actually exercise.

Cancer Risk with Mobile Phones

Laura called in to ask Dr. Oz about cancer risk with cell phone use. What is the truth of the risk of cancer and cell phone?

Dr. Oz said that there is no smoking gun study that causes brain cancer, however he said that cell phones get hot and there are electromagnetic fields that has shown to alter brain cells.

The cell phone companies should study the results of users with health problems. There are other ways to getting around from using cell phones excessively.

Don’t keep the cell phone on you all the time. If the cell phone doesn’t get good reception there is more electromagnetic output. Use a hands free or earphone device. Dr. Oz said that he doesn’t think kids should be using cell phones because they have thinner skulls and are still developing.

You: On A Diet Success Story

Jennifer from Connecticut said that she was a yo-yo dieter and she was over 200 pounds and she joined a gym and she read and followed “You: On a Diet” and she lost 50 pounds. She used to be on medication for anxiety and migraines and hasn’t been taking any more of these medications. She said that changing her lifestyle and losing weight has changed her life. She recently had run in a race and won a medal and wanted to give it to Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz Prescription America Challenge

Dr. Oz gave a two week prescription last season to eat 100 percent whole grain bread and olive oil.

Viewers said that it helped them.

The next prescription America: He said to lay down flat on your back and take deep breaths 10 times every morning and every evening.

Ester from California wanted them to see a YouTube video of kids pretending to be Dr. Oz and Oprah. It was adorable. They had the family were in the audience. The boy came to get a picture with the real Dr. Oz.

Professor’s Last Lecture Followup

The last lecture for the professor was the last topic discussed on the show today. Professor Randy Pausch gave a last lecture when he was dying of pancreatic cancer which he passed away at age 47 over the summer. Dr. Oz realized that after talking with him that the biggest regrets that we have are the things that we don’t do. (See below the YouTube Video of the Professors Last Lecture)

Dr. Oz still does heart surgery in between working with Oprah on her show.

They had viewers tell how the professor inspired them to change them in a good way.

By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication News Writer

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