Barack Obama Unveils Universal Health Care Proposal – Could Save Money For The Average Person Already Insured – Keeps Insurance

Barack Obama Unveils Universal Health Care Proposal – Could Save Money For The Average Person Already Insured – Keeps Insurance

Obama in Iowa City
Photo by Tim Llewellyn (fl)

(Best Syndication) Democrat Presidential Candidate Barack Obama unveiled his plan Tuesday to provide universal health care in the U.S. by 2012. Other candidates have announced similar plans and the 45 year old Obama said in Iowa City "The time has come for universal, affordable health care in America."

Obama’s plan would keep the private insurance system, but add public funds to help those who can’t afford coverage. It would also create a National Health Insurance Exchange to monitor insurance companies in offering the coverage. He says that his plan could save the average consumer $2,500 a year and bring health care to all.

Although both Presidential candidate John Edwards and Obama’s plan would require businesses to help cover their workers, Obama’s plan would not require all American’s to purchase health insurance. According to Mike Glover of Newsday, those who can't afford coverage would get a subsidy on a sliding scale depending on their income, and virtually all businesses would have to share in the cost of coverage for their workers.

Obama’s plan would also prohibit insurance companies from refusing coverage because of pre-existing conditions. He also says that he will save money for those with existing coverage.

"My plan begins by covering every American. If you already have health insurance, the only thing that will change for you under this plan is that the amount of money you will spend on premiums will be less," Obama said.

Obama went on to say "If you are one of 45 million Americans who don't have health insurance, you will after this plan becomes law." Glover says that Obama’s plan would save taxpayers because it would end the expensive care for the uninsured when they get sick. The uninsured turn to the emergency room first many times to avoid being turned away because they don’t have insurance.

"That is not who we are. We are not a country that rewards hard work and perseverance with bankruptcies and foreclosures," said Obama. "We are not a country that allows major challenges to go unsolved and unaddressed while our people suffer needlessly." Obama admits that the cost would be high, but did not give any figures yet.

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By Jeffrey Workman
Best Syndication Health Writer

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